Friday, 13 April 2012

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Livy and her shoe shopping!!!

Heels seem to be the flavour of the month -
is this because she is on her toes so much of the time?

Aaahhh some sensible joggers!!! or not.

Now these are some heels that could do some damage!

She came away with a new pair of thongs - Havaianas from City Beach :)
A ride on a ferry and also the City Cat.


  1. Great pics and I hope you get a chance to do some more fun things before you head home. LOL

  2. Our Maggie girl would probably enjoy walks on the beach at Southbank.
    LOL :-)

  3. It's so nice to see the pictures of you all having fun and nice to see you having a bit of down time. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays and love those shoes.

  4. Hey Liv, I like the first pair. They would make you as tall as your dad!!!! You would probably need him to hold you up while you tried to walk, though. Looks like you had fun in Brissy! Love Aunty Relle