Sunday, 7 August 2011

Crazy for Cupcakes & Fox & Friends - 18th

"Crazy for Cupcakes" is a set that is being carried over to the new catalogue. I don't own it, yet!! I stamped some images off from my sister who owns it. I was asked to make an 18th birthday card by a work colleague. Her request was something with "foxes and wolves, she's not a girly girl!" OMG!! I thought where do I start with that one. Funnily enough I came up with Crazy for Cupcakes!! not sure why but I thought every girl likes cupcakes whether they're girly or not!! After rethinking this plan I decided the only fox stamp I could come up with was from "Fox & Friends" so I also made an easel card. It will be interesting to see which one my work colleague chooses.

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