Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thank you for your Thoughts and Prayers

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks.

It indeed has been a very trying 6 weeks with the sudden loss of my Dad and then 2 weeks later with my Mum having a major heart attack at Gosford Hospital where CPR was performed , she received 4 broken ribs but fortunately came back to us without the need of the “crash cart”. 

Mum was transferred to RNSH on the 11th February and remained there for 25 days. She had 3 angiograms = 4 stents and one vessel “chiselled”. Unfortunately she had a major complication after the 3rd angiogram with a bleed at the wound site which involved a major haematoma. 3 doctors and 5 nurses worked to try to stop the haematoma worsening by applying digital pressure this took over 4 hours, as surgery wasn’t a viable option with all the blood thinning medications in her. This was a major setback. Mum then got an infection which they treated with IV antibiotics. 

She was transported back to Gosford Private this week where she will be in rehab for her to recover and regain her strength. 

I’ll be glad when 2013 is over!! Only 10 months to go.


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