Monday, 26 September 2011

End of Year 12

Last Friday was the Year 12 Presentation Assembly, last day for Year 12. What an amazing morning. We were treated to some musical items from very talented young men and women from Year 12, a special guest speaker - past student and now PE teacher, Jason Brown. Presentation of special awards and finally their Year 12 Portfolio with their final school report and Certificates.

Matt came away with a Merit Certificate in Industrial Technology - Timber, numerous individual Sporting Certificates, Outstanding Sportsman of Year 12. He also received one of the "Special Awards" - Ross Speed Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Industrial Technology. This award was given to the student who was passionate about their IT job, their presentation of their HSC portfolio of their job and their dedication and determination to present an outstanding piece of work. Ross Speed was a student at LHS in 2005 who made an amazing wooden electronic guitar. Ross was tragically killed in a car accident 6 months after leaving school. This Award had a very special meaning to Matt and he feels very honoured to have received it.


  1. How fantastic! What an honour to recieve such a special award. Denise, i hope you had some tissues in the bag, i know what i would have been like. That's such a great way to end school. Good luck to Matt with his study, it's too hard when everyone else is in holidays mode.

  2. I love your Blog it is very informative.
    Kove from Mark :-)