Monday, 12 September 2011

Artistic Etchings - Brayering

At Regionals on Saturday one of the "Workshop WOWS" demonstrated was Brayering and masking. This is a technique that I've been wanting to know how to do and when I've played with it myself I've never had any success. Kerry Bunting was the demonstrator who did this WOW. I came home and yesterday I got busy playing with my brayer. The above card is what I've come up with, which is a complete CASE of Kerry's card. I still have to perfect the technique and try and get a transition of shading from darker to lighter, giving a more realistic effect of a sunset. For my first attempt with a little more knowledge of brayering I think I'm happy with the result. The card is for a work colleague who is going OS and visiting Paris for her 50th birthday. Perhaps I could put a request in for my 50th!!!

BTW Rock Eisteddfod Challenge on Friday night at the Enteratainment Centre was fantastic. Lisarow High came 2nd and their performance was unbelievable. They certainly did themselves proud and rocked the roof off the Entertainment Centre.

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