Monday, 1 August 2011

"Say Goodbye" Retirement List

Well here it is the "Say Goodbye" retirment list from the 2010/2011 Idea Book & Catalogue.
Have a look through the list, highlight the items in the catalogue that are retiring. If you'd like anything from the list please email me or phone your order through. SU have advised that they will:

* update the "Retired List" each business day by 8:00 AM (AEST) with availability information.
* Because these items can go quickly, we recommend you let your customers know they may not receive all the items they ordered.
* Where possible, ask customers for a substitute item in case the original item is no longer available when you place their order.

Well I suggest you get a coffee, highlighter, your catalogue and sit down and check through the list. :-) enjoy!

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