Thursday, 7 July 2011

Adelaide Open Nationals Swim Meet

As most of you are aware I was in Adelaide last weekend with Matt who was swimming at the Open Nationals Swim Championships. Above is the brand new SA Aquactic complex at Marion where the championships were held. Wonderful complex.

Memories of Sydney Olympics with how high up we were in the grandstand to watch the events. There are 2 50m pools which for short course championships they move the "moveable" wall and divide the pool to 25m = short course.

Matt swam really well in his 3 events, "pbing" in 2 of them. Here he is behind land 3 (3rd person from left ready for his 100m backstroke event.

Matt with a couple of his mates from short course championships. For those not of the swimming world on the left is Geof Heugall and on the right is Eamon Sullivan (or for those who really don't know the swimming world - Eamon was winner of Celebrity Masterchef and is Cleo Bachelor of the Year).

As Matt posted on his Facebook - "the disappointing moment when you walk out with Skippy Heugall and all the young kids run to Skip for his autograph"!!!!!

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  1. How exciting, well done Matt. The facilities look world class. Looks like Matt has friends in high places, lol. Good on him for getting great times, a very proud mum and Aunt you both must have been.