Saturday, 25 June 2011

Colour Chart

At Convention one of the presenters "Bonnie Thurber" from the States did a wonderful presentation on main stage. She is such a funny lady. This "Colour Chart" was one of the items she showed. Over the June longweekend my sister and I recreated it. (What else could you do on the Central Coast when the rain was bucketing down!).
We used a "Foldout Scrapbook Page" design and then punched out samples of each of the colours in the Stampin' Up colour families - Brights, Neutrals, Regals and Subtles. On the front cover we displayed the current "In" colours which will still be with us for another 12 months. We have left room for the 5 new "In" colours which will be launched with the new catalogue in September. It is an easy way to see exactly what all the cardstock looks like and works well with the Colour Coach which provides ideas for mixing and matching the various colours.

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  1. That's a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing for those that didn't go to convention, boo hoo!