Thursday, 31 March 2011

Matt's birthday - "P" day

The picy says it all, Matty got his 'P's on Monday at Woy Woy RTA. This was the best present he got. He was very happy and relieved and not real impressed with his Mum taking his photo!

Birthday cake a few days after his birthday as nothing mattered until he got his 'P's Matty bought himself this hat from his work - BCF and gave Livy one he already owned. Not quite sure what the fascination is with these Kosac looking hats. He enjoyed his 17th birthday very much. Oh and loved his card and told me that I had used the monster that he liked!!!

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  1. Well done Matty, another stressful thing out of the way for this year, now to get past Year 12. I am liking all the above cards too, lots of great ideas, thanks for sharing.
    Those hats are sooo cool and in at the moment.