Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Never Ending Card

Recently my sister, Narelle was up from Canberra for a few days.

Narelle is my first downline.....yay me!!!

She is totally addicted to stamping and cardmaking and now has her own little group of ladies that come along to her Stamp Club and she is running SAS and classes

(not so daunting when you have teacher training behind you).

Anyway, Narelle went off to a class in Canberra to learn how to make a

"Never Ending Card".

The card is amazing.

We got together while Narelle was up and made one using Stampin' Up stamps and card.

The first photo is the front of the card.

You open the card up and the 2nd photo is the first inside of the card.

You then fold that section open and the 3rd photo is the third inside of the card.

You then open up the next section and you have the final layer of the card - the 4th photo.

One more fold and you are back to the beginning of the card - the 5th photo.

Back at the beginning of the card.
This is such a cool card to look at and play with, it just keeps folding and opening, folding and opening, it never ends - ie, The Never Ending Card.
I plan on running a "Never Ending Card" class early in the New Year.

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